Is it too late to create a business online?

Hell no.

I'm Whitney, and I’ve been a writer of creative writing pieces (both fiction and non-fiction) since I was little. I wanted to keep using my passions, and I found marketing as a great way to express my creativity (in a way that didn’t require me to eat ramen for the rest of my life).

And, when you run your own business, you don’t have millions of hours to devote to crafting the perfect blog post. You have everything else to do. You may not even have time to MARKET your own products. Like, what?! How will people find you if you’re too busy making products, doing the billing for your company, and staying on top of your website?

You use influencers. Or what I call, nice-people-who-genuinely-love-your-stuff-and-want-to-share-it.


INfluence me!

Oooh, colorful wall…

Because they can tap into your ideal market waaay faster than you can grow your company’s Instagram account. The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing Course from @alisonsbrandschool and @thealisonshow demystifies influencer marketing AND working with brands. It is ALL about using collaborations to grow and build your business, social media, and profits!

- It is fully audio and digital--which means you can listen on the go, but the course comes with over 100 pages of notes, workbook and a textbook (in PDF form) so you can have the information at your fingertips after you listen!

- If you sell a product, offer a service, are in direct sales, or simply want to build a following or platform online, then this IS for you. Even if you’re just getting started or work doing social media for a company. Beginners and multi-million dollar CEOs both find them valuable!
- The course consists of interviews 9 Industry Pros (both businesses and influencers) sharing all the information you’ve ever wanted to know about collaborating with brands and influencers to GROW. Here are the pros:

@ashleysfreshfix, @brittanyratelle, @freshlypicked, @livefreemiranda, @lizzyography, @missbeaux, @ohjoy, @thebucketlistfamily/@jessgee, @tubbytodd

-Their team has created a special add-on course (Free right now) called: The Course That Stories Sold, How I Launched a 6-Figure Course Using Influencer Marketing! This add-on gives Alison’s EXACT emails she used to launch her course, and a step-by-step implementation plan for launching a collaboration, and email templates for YOU to use.

- When you buy the course you become part of the private Alison’s Brand School Boss Babes FB group, where you can continue to meet new people to collaborate with, grow from and get new ideas from Alison’s Brand School!


Is it a sign?

Trust your gut.

This was the first course I EVER bought. I was terrified to drop the money, but I was so sick of working for someone else. And I knew I wanted to learn fast (and I’m capable of it). If you’re ready to hit the ground running, I think this is a great course to learn about influencer marketing, and how you can use it for your brand (or even if you’re an aspiring influencer).

Keep in mind that the relaunch flash price for this course is $349 and available April 30 - May 17! It will take on its full price of $449 on May 17, so get in now if you want it!

Tag me on Instagram (my handle is @wild.corners) so I can hear how it’s going. I love hearing people talk about their passions and would love to see what you do.

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