Crystal Clear: How to Get into Crystals


Geology rocks!

Yeah, we get it.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to get into crystals. In a way, I’ve always been into them. But, instead of buying perfect amethyst specimens online, I was slyly slipping eye-catching rocks into my pocket while I was out hiking or on a break from work.

It’s in my blood. My great grandfather was a geologist so, even though I never even met him, I think there’s a connection there.

When it comes to buying crystals, try not to overthink it. The amount of gorgeous rocks you find in new age stores or even online can be really overwhelming. If you’re like me, you either never buy anything or you carry around a handful and decide to have ramen for dinner to offset the cost.

Ultimately, it’s easier and probably better to decide. Though, with crystals you can’t just come back in a week and find the one you’ve been dreaming of. Even though they come in bulk, every single one is unique. That little swirl that catches your eye. The little cluster of sparkles that looks like a tree won’t be on any others.

It’s not like a t-shirt that’s made in batches of hundreds of thousands. Each crystal “fits” differently.

So, here are my tips for how to find the right crystal.

Take Your Time

Really think and focus on what you need. Like when you go to a tarot reading and they tell you to concentrate on one concern while you shuffle the big bulky deck. If there’s something in your life you’re zeroed in on, it’s probably a good idea to attack that one specific problem with a crystal.

Stay in your Money Lane

No matter how much of a growth mindset you have, or how you feel the universe is serving you with abundance, it’s still not a great idea to spend money that could affect your immediate finances. The big free-standing crystals are awesome, but might just muddy the waters. If you’re like me, you can take a peek at an expensive crystal, but I don’t entertain the idea unless I have a plan set out to make it a part of my life. After you look at the gigantic pieces that could make a statement in your living room, the smaller crystals that can fit in your pocket may seem less special. Try not to compare. Purchases made out of necessity feel negative when compared to purchases made out of joy.

What’s the Crystal’s Purpose?

Think about how you specifically want to use your new crystal. If you’re looking for a crystal to cleanse your tarot deck, you’ll be looking for something specific in size, shape, and even makeup.  If you want to incorporate crystals into your ritual baths or look at them for inspiration when you’re working, you could be looking for different things. Make sure crystals are water-friendly, and won’t be damaged by a bath if that’s the route you want to go. If you want something for work, a beautiful tower could fit best on your work desk.

Really… Be Open to Suggestions

Be open to finding the right crystal… for a friend. I love buying gifts for people I love, and I can’t tell you how many times I first look for something for myself and then turn out gifting it away. I like looking and reading about crystals, and if you do too, you might find one that speaks to you for someone else. I think that’s a great way to work on your intuition, practice selflessness, and find a unique gift.