Sunday Thoughts: Where To Go For First-Time Travelers


My first big country I traveled to was China, which was a major culture shock. We were in a smaller town where not many people spoke English, so we couldn't communicate very well. Taking buses, ordering food, and even asking for bathrooms took a lot of energy (and flipping through guidebooks). Granted, every place we’ve gone since has seemed so much easier, so maybe it was a good way to get our feet wet.

I really love the Netherlands, and I think it would be great for a “newbie” traveler. A lot of English speakers to help you get around, and it’s very clean and safe. Gorgeous architecture, art, and nature to please everyone.

No matter how often you go travel, finding a place you feel a connection to is a good way to start, because you’re already excited and positive when you get there. Find your “in” like art, hiking, architecture, history, etc. and follow that.