Mother's Day Gift Guide

Isn’t it weird that we refer to winter as the “holiday season”? There are literally holidays every month of the year, and that’s not counting fake holidays like #NationalPuppyDay (my favorite).

Though you don’t get work off for Mother’s Day, it is still a holiday. Especially for your mom. Even if she knows that you love her every other day of the year. It’s one of those weird things about life: you can give gifts all through the year, but if you don’t give a birthday gift, you’re seen as forgetful or *gulp* uncaring.

Honestly, I don’t think we should have to feel pressured to buy things for people just because it’s a holiday. My love language for giving is giving gifts, so I’m pretty open to gifting loved ones all year long. I see something, I buy it. And then I can’t wait, so I give it to them not long after.

But, if you’re like me and genuinely want to give something sweet to your mom or mother figure this year, here are a few recs to get your juices flowing.


I am a sucker for books, especially beautiful ones. Bonus: It’s an easy place to shop, and you have a good chance of finding something perfect for almost anyone you may need to shop for. Since it’s Mother’s Day, you should find something for mom (though I may end up finding something for myself, too). Head to your local little bookstore and find a new novel, an old classic, or an interior design coffee table book for your sweet mum.



Before you roll your eyes, I know. Flowers are a cliché Mother’s Day gift. But, I don’t mean the basic bouquet you find at Costco or Trader Joe’s (though I love them both, but to up your game buy a few and make a big overstuffed arrangement). I love flowers, but it can be a bummer when they die. A full plant can be an amazing gift that sticks around for much longer than two weeks. My cousin actually gave my grandma a hydrangea bush a few years ago for Mother’s Day, and my grandparents mention it every year when it starts blooming. How tender is that?

If your mom loves flowers, consider gifting her a plant for her porch or a cute succulent arrangement from your local nursery.



It’s not all about the stuff. Sometimes the gift of time is the best thing to give your mom. So, consider cooking her a nice meal (no takeout!), taking her to a play, or going on a little weekend trip to somewhere fun (a winery, the beach, perhaps…). Even if it’s a lunch date or seeing a movie together, spending real quality time with your mom can be just what she wants.


Sentimental Items

I’m lumping sentimental items all together to keep this from being a big ol’ sappy post. But, moms generally do love to remember the good times, and a lot of those good times are sitting in our phones. Consider printing out some pictures and putting them in nice frames for her. Or, you can make a book from Artifact Uprising with a whole slew of your adventurous memories. Other than photos, consider jewelry with a special meaning, or making a gift box with a theme (like movie night or a trip) of something you can do together. Or, if you have some time, write your mom a letter. Don’t just fill in the blank space of a card. Write her a real letter expressing how much you love and appreciate her. I promise, she’ll love it.


Do you have a great idea for Mom? Share it with us below.