My Business Goals for 2019


It’s goal-time.

Who cares if it’s already March?

I’d been talking about starting my own business for years. But, it took a stressful situation at work to finally convince me that it was actually going to be better to try than stay there.

Because, honestly, it didn’t matter to me anymore. I knew I could live the life I wanted. Plenty of other people were able to do what they loved. And I knew I would have to leave to give myself a shot.

I spun my wheels for a while, but finally got to the point where I took myself seriously. For many of us, it’s easier to work hard for someone else, but not so easy to work hard for ourselves. I’m so glad I figured out that I was worth the investment. Though it took me a while, I’m here. And I’m ready to hit the ground running. So, here are my business goals for the remainder of 2019:

Do something I love

Yes, there will always be the nitty gritty of paying bills and working on tech issues, but I think that if you’re passionate about something those details are easier to handle. I want to do something I’m proud of, and I want to enjoy the work part of my life. I’m lucky that I’ve never hated a job, but I’ve definitely found aspects of certain jobs unpalatable.

If you hate your job and feel that it’s depleting your energy, spirit, and drive, I encourage you to explore options. Any other options.

Learn more

I love learning, and I’m always catching free webinars and paid courses to keep myself sharp. I love learning about marketing, branding, photography, and even non-business topics like spirituality and health. I feel like I stay more creative if I’m learning, and I want to be a well-rounded person who can hold my own in a conversation.

Create multiple streams of income (at least one passive)

With the power of the internet, it seems silly to put all of your eggs in one basket, at least for me. I can be a bit of a nervous person sometimes when it comes to money, and I think diversifying my income would help me feel more secure. And, I feel like I could take more risks with my business if I knew there were other things working for me.

Give back

I can’t stress enough how important it is for me to feel like I’m putting good out into the world. Being able to help people is addictive, and I’ve recently found so many causes I feel passionate about. Being able to donate money on a regular basis to well-researched charities and physically volunteering would be an honor and a huge blessing in my life.

Are there any goals you want to share below? Changes you want to make to better your life before another year slips by?  Let’s keep each other accountable.