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Crystal Clear: How to Get into Crystals

Ultimately, it’s easier and probably better to decide. Though, with crystals you can’t just come back in a week and find the one you’ve been dreaming of. Even though they come in bulk, every single one is unique. That little swirl that catches your eye. The little cluster of sparkles that looks like a tree won’t be on any others. So, here are my tips for how to find the right crystal.

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My Business Goals for 2019

I spun my wheels for a while, but finally got to the point where I took myself seriously. For many of us, it’s easier to work hard for someone else, but not so easy to work hard for ourselves. I’m so glad I figured out that I was worth the investment. Though it took me a while, I’m here. And I’m ready to hit the ground running. So, here are my business goals for the remainder of 2019:

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Sunset at Park Güell

If you’re expecting to follow the line of people to find Park Güell, you’re going to be disappointed. As an American, I’m used to following lines and sniffing out where they lead. Sometimes it leads to a fun discovery, like Shakespeare in the Park. I’ve waited patiently for almost an hour just to ride a rollercoaster in Southern California, and I’ve stood in curving lines staring at my phone while I anxiously anticipated the taste of cereal milk ice cream.

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