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8 Things You Can Do Instead of Scroll

And, there are so many other things you can get satisfaction from, instead of just realizing an hour of your time was just spent living vicariously through someone else’s perfectly curated kitchen pics (so good, though). In the spirit of using my free time a little more productively, I decided to make a list of things I could do when I had some free time to relax. Do you do any of these?

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Skincare: Is It An Addiction?

New information about the links between stress and acne are coming out, and though relaxation tips still seem to take a backseat to products, it’s a good piece of the puzzle to understand. And if you’re obsessed with learning about skin, you can let that obsession destroy your self esteem. Stress can lead to acne, which can lead you to stress out more.

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Meditation: To App or Not To App

I’ve tried a few apps to help with meditation, and I’ve tried meditating on my own. Just with me. And, honestly, I’m not sure they’re even comparable. It’s like comparing doing yoga in your room with a YouTube video to going to a class with a teacher who walks around the room and corrects your alignment.

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