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How To Write For Instagram

I’ve been working as a social media marketer for a while now, and I’ve always had great growth and engagement for my clients. Even when Facebook became more of a pay-to-play platform, I got great organic results when some of my peers were struggling to explain poor performance to their clients when I was agency-based. I think most of the time I was getting great results wasn’t because I got lucky with great clients. It was because I was paying attention to who I was writing for, and I dialed in to an authentic voice.

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Social Media Writing Tips: Get A Persona

If you’re just starting a business, you could be winging it or researching your heart out. At the beginning, it seems a million decisions have to be made before you can start making money. That quick idea turns into hours of wondering who your brand is serving, what colors represent your brand, and how you position yourself in the market. If you’re still stuck toward the beginning in brand-identification mode, here are two things that may help you get back to making moves, at least when it comes to writing.

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