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Why You Shouldn't Aim To Be An Influencer

I’ve been sitting on this draft for over a month, but I haven’t been willing to hit “publish.” Why?

Because, I guess, everyone wants to be an influencer. And who am I to tell them what not to do? I’m the type of person who does not do well when told what to do. I know better than to pretend I have any sway over how people live their lives. That’s because I’m emphatically NOT an influencer.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Isn’t it weird that we refer to winter as the “holiday season”? There are literally holidays every month of the year, and that’s not counting fake holidays like #NationalPuppyDay (my favorite).

Though you don’t get work off for Mother’s Day, it is still a holiday. Especially for your mom. Even if she knows that you love her every other day of the year. It’s one of those weird things about life: you can give gifts all through the year, but if you don’t give a birthday gift, you’re seen as forgetful or *gulp* uncaring.

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Pep Talk: How To Stay Creative

I thought once I quit my corporate 9-5 job that my fear of Mondays would vanish. I imagined all sorts of things that would happen when I would finally be working for myself. I’d be able to wake up early to work on what I wanted, have time to do yoga, make a bomb breakfast, and journal or meditate. All while money just kept climbing into my bank account.

If you’re going to tell me that I was under some grand illusions, I’ve already beaten you to it.

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Crystal Clear: How to Get into Crystals

Ultimately, it’s easier and probably better to decide. Though, with crystals you can’t just come back in a week and find the one you’ve been dreaming of. Even though they come in bulk, every single one is unique. That little swirl that catches your eye. The little cluster of sparkles that looks like a tree won’t be on any others. So, here are my tips for how to find the right crystal.

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Currently Obsessed With: Sustainable Brands

I’m not a minimalist, but I am trying to curate my ability to tell good quality in clothing so I can make better decisions. The way I see it, I may not be able to totally replace my wardrobe with organic cotton t-shirts and shoes made by small artisan-owned companies but I can try to make smarter decisions starting now.

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