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How To Write For Instagram

I’ve been working as a social media marketer for a while now, and I’ve always had great growth and engagement for my clients. Even when Facebook became more of a pay-to-play platform, I got great organic results when some of my peers were struggling to explain poor performance to their clients when I was agency-based. I think most of the time I was getting great results wasn’t because I got lucky with great clients. It was because I was paying attention to who I was writing for, and I dialed in to an authentic voice.

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Currently Obsessed With: Sustainable Brands

I’m not a minimalist, but I am trying to curate my ability to tell good quality in clothing so I can make better decisions. The way I see it, I may not be able to totally replace my wardrobe with organic cotton t-shirts and shoes made by small artisan-owned companies but I can try to make smarter decisions starting now.

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